A few kilometers away from the famous beach Deauville was born the mark of hair accessories Deauvison. During the same time, Evelyne and Guy Carron still managed their rearing of mink. Their niece created Logo of the brand by integrating the “C” of Carron through the body and the tail of the mink.

In 1995, they terminated the farm to concentrate completely on this new challenge. Being in love with French heritage, in 1999 they bought a big half-timbered house and installed the artisanal workshop.

The mark Deauvison continues to develop in producing particularly for Agatha, Révillon, Alexandre de Paris and Caron Perfume. Up to present, the fans of Deauvison, amateurs of products 100% Made in France, were not afraid to swim against the current to compose a style. Clients fall in love with the mink used for earflaps, wrists, patchwork bags manufactured in French style, or more voluminous Rex for headbands. Deauvison is distributed in ready-to-wear shops, perfumeries in Europe, Asia, and Middle East.